Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Look Back From the Snow

We have snow now.  Not a lot, but a good layer.  The rush and excitement of the holidays have passed.  There are no more visits planned.  No parties.  Just snow.  I find now that I'm older I just want snow for Christmas.  After about two weeks, I'm over it.  I love autumn!  It's not hot any more.  It's dryer than spring.  You're fine in a cardigan if you need anything at all.

Since I haven't had time to blog recently I thought I'd put up some lovely fall pictures for us all to enjoy from inside our warm houses.  First, some pictures of the sheep just before they were shorn.

Sun and hay.  Nothing better to a sheep.

Macy is loving the cool breeze.

And then there was Halloween.  We enjoy Halloween tremendously!  I always have a family party immediately followed by a sleepover for all my sons and all my nephews.  Everyone visits with the sheep a little bit before they leave.  I feed them up by the gate and everyone laughs to see them running for the grain.  Their legs look like tiny sticks under their wool!

After Halloween the pumpkins have outlived their decorative usefulness we feed them to the sheep.  Now, I know people have a natural habit of anthropomorphizing and it is silly, but I can't help but feeling a little sorry for this pumpkin.

Zombie sheep want your brains!


I may enjoy The Eating of the Jack O' Lanterns just a bit much. 

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