Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lamb Pictures and Gratitude

I have not had time to immortalize our first lambing season the way I had planned. First I want to say our lambing season was an amazing success. I feel so blessed with the way things went. For people reading this who don't keep livestock, girls are (generally) much more valuable than boys. Females make milk and more sheep. I only need to keep one ram per 25 ewes to keep the lambs coming. I needed ewe lambs if I was going to be able to eventually have a sheep dairy. Keeping sheep is one thing, trying to build a successful business from sheep is another. I prayed all winter long to be blessed with ewe lambs the way Jacob was blessed with spotted lambs and goats in Genesis. Final lamb count: 8 ewe lambs and only 3 ram lambs. Thanks, Lord. These are twin girls, Eleanor and Maryanne born to Tilly. Another ewe lamb. Twins, a boy and a girl, born to Eva. She's the sheep in our header.

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