Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rug Yarn Love

So I bought these two delicious bumps of rug yarn from Morning Star Fiber in Apple Creek, Ohio.  Apparently, you can now order it through their online store.  Awesome!

According to J.C. (the mill manager) one bump will make one 3x5 rug.  This is true if you weave your rug.  I don't weave, I crochet.  It took almost all of both bumps for the rug I made.  It's 2x3.

Crochet uses more yarn than weaving but it produces a thicker, plusher rug.  And, oh-my-goodness, is this rug ever plush!  It's divine!  You kind of sink into it...


Where was I?

Oh, yes!  What did I do with the remaining bits of rug yarn?  I made sheep!  Icelandic sheep, of course.  Note the extreme cuteness of the spiral horns.


  1. Excellent! Have just discovered bumps myself. Will be sending my alpaca fiber there this spring to be made into bumps for myself!

    1. Good. They are so... tactile. As a fellow fiber person I'm sure you'll understand me when I say that I couldn't stop touching mine. There's a certain connection you get from natural fibers that can't be found with synthetics.