Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to Red Tartan Woolies...

A little over a month ago we, that is my husband, myself, and our four sons, welcomed our very first sheep home to our farm and Red Tartan Woolies was officially born.  We started our farm with things like sustainability, family life, legacy, and meaningful work in mind.

We are currently working on plans to become a state certified sheep dairy and creamery.  We look forward to being able to offer lots of different products originating with sheep to the public.  Current plans include fresh and aged cheese, milk soap,  meat, wool products, and maybe even ice cream.

Yesterday our sheep were sheared marking our first ever wool harvest.  Some of the fleece will be milled and some will be handspun.  When it's ready, we'll make it available to you.  Until then, enjoy these pictures of our sheep in some compromising positions :)

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